The course guides the student from understanding little or no chemistry all the way to mastering the entire freshman level chemistry.

The quiz questions are designed to help the end user be comfortable to challenge instructor tests and standardized tests like ACS.

The end user will be able to judge their weakness in topics while taking each quiz. This would give opportunity to review these sections in the e-book and the interactive flash drive.

In most cases, the creators of this homework have given hints with written descriptions and audios. In such cases a detailed solution (written or video) is also offered for the correct answer.

For instructors requiring this online homework can:

1. Create their own quizzes by either taking questions from the question bank or writing their own.

2. Instructors have control of time, i.e. time required to finish the quiz, number of attempts, whether or not students should be able to see hints or detailed solutions.

3. Instructor would be able to assign whether or not they want the average or the highest grade or grades in the descending order with each time the quiz is attempted.

4. The scores can be exported to excel with a click of a button.